How to Connect 12V LED Tape to Your Power Supply

How to Connect 12V LED Tape to Your Power Supply

If you’ve ever tried to connect LED strip lights or LED ribbons, you know that it can be difficult. You need to know a few basics, including how to make good connections and what types of connectors are available.

First things first, the voltage of your LED tape should be determined before you start. The voltage of your LED tape will determine how much power it can output, as well as what its forward current (I) will be. This value can be calculated using the formula P = V x I (Power, in Amps).

The voltage of your tape will also have an impact on how long it can run before it gets a voltage drop along its length. This is a gradual decrease in voltage that causes the LEDs to fade or become less bright as they are closer to the power supply.

You can avoid this problem by choosing 12V tape that has been manufactured to a very high standard. This will ensure that the copper pads on each end of the tape have been carefully managed to keep the correct voltage and that the wires running down the length of the tape are correctly connected.

Another important thing to consider when connecting your LED tape is the cut length of your strip. Usually, the best cut lengths for LED strip lights are 5m reels. This is due to the fact that if you install more than 5m of single-colour LED tape in one continuous run, you will likely experience a voltage drop towards the ends of the reel.

In addition to the voltage drop, this can reduce the lifespan of your strip lights. This is because the resistance of the copper conductors will cause a gradual decrease in the power being pushed through the LED strips, which can lead to premature failure of the LEDs.

To help you avoid this problem, we’ve compiled some of the most popular options for connecting your 12V LED tape to your power supply. The following options are grouped into two categories:

Screw-In Terminal Connectors: These connectors are great for making a solid connection between two sets of wires, as they have a male and female end that you can attach to the power supply, as well as a couple of clip leads that you can use to connect your LED strips.

EZ Clip LED Strip Connectors: These are great for connecting the ends of your LED strips together without having to solder. They have a male and female end that you screw onto the power supply and then a couple of clip leads that you can connect to the LED strips, and will snap in place to make a seamless connection.

A final option is to use a ring main, which allows you to connect multiple strips in a single run. This is a very popular option for lighting large spaces such as restaurants and night clubs, where several different areas may be required to be lit independently from each other, or in sync with each other via a controller.

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